Waldorf salad & Chicken wrap

Per person:

1 wrap

½ stick of celery finely diced

1 granny smith apple with skin finely grated

2 tbs of roughly chopped walnuts

2 tbs of halved, red seasonal grapes

Diced panfried chicken fillets

1 tbs greek yogurt

1 tbs mayonnaise

Garnet Chef pomegranate reduction to drizzle generously


Prepare wraps according to instructions on packet.  Mix diced celery and grated apple .  Mix greek jogurt and mayonnaise. Mix apple and mayonnaise mixture. Spread onto wrap. Place grapes, walnuts and diced chicken on mayonnaise and apple mixture. Drizzle generously with fruity Garnet Chef reduction and fold. Cut in halves and serve with a glass of chilled white wine.