Mediterranean wrap

1 packet of wraps

salami (5 thin slices per wrap)

grilled eggplant (2 slices  per wrap)

grilled baby tomatoes with rosemary (5 per wrap)

black olives sliced

mozzarella cheese grated (room temperature)


Grilled eggplant & baby tomatoes with rosemary:

Preheat oven to 200C. Remove stems of 4 medium sixed eggplants and cut into 1cm thick slices in the length. Place eggplant slices and baby tomatoes on an  oiled  baking plate. Sprinkle with 2 tbs fresh chopped rosemary .Drizzle with olive oil. Grind black pepper and salt to taste over the vegetables. Bake until done and let it cool. Spoon into a bowl , making sure to include flavourful sauce of baked vegetables.

Ruby Splash & garlic drizzling sauce:

50 ml ruby splash pomegranate reduction

1 tsp lemon rind finely grated

1 small clove of garlic  finely grated

50 ml olive oil

salt to taste

Briskly whisk drizzling sauce ingredients together and let stand for 15 minutes for flavours to marry.


Prepare wraps according to instructions on packet.  Place  5 salami slices on each open wrap. Top with eggplant slices, baby tomatoes, olives and mozzarella .  Drizzle with garlicky Ruby Splash dressing . Fold and serve with your favourite red wine.